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If you really like to solve puzzles, this is the place to be. We have crossword puzzles, scrambled-word puzzles, Mah Jong, Miniclip and Wheel Of Fortune.

We also have jig saw puzzles about animals like monkeys and sharks. We even have one about a mad dog!

Test your memory with the Chicken Little Memory Game and if you have some extra time on your hands, try Hang Stan Trivia -- it's awesome!

Some are timed puzzles and some give you all the time you need to take. How long will it take you to solve them all?
Come be our champion puzzle solver!

Puzzle Games

Play Wordo

Awesome word puzzle

Play Tubifix

Fun Puzzle Snake Game

Play Tropical Bomb

Tropical Bomb
Exciting new mine sweeper game

Play Test Subject Blue

Test Subject Blue
Nitrome Puzzle game

Puzzle Games

Play Swept Away

Swept Away
Clever clean-up game

Play Sunny Boom

Sunny Boom
Help the sun get to the exit

Play Sudoku

Lots of Sudoku Puzzles

Play Submachine Puzzle

Submachine Puzzle
Mysterious point and click adventure

Puzzle Games

Play Spark Your Neurons

Spark Your Neurons
Try to leave only one marble.

Play Smiley Showdown

Smiley Showdown
Shoot the smileys

Play Seasons

A beautiful Arkanoid of the seasons

Play Rubix Cube

Rubix Cube
Match the colors on the cube

Puzzle Games

Play Rubble Trouble

Rubble Trouble
Demolish the old buildings

Play Nerks

Strategic Puzzle Game

Play Multiball

Fun Puzzle shooter game

Play Miniclip XRaye

Miniclip XRaye
Guide Raye through the levels

Puzzle Games

Play Minesweeper

Clear the board -- avoid mines!

Play Memory Game

Memory Game
Match the numbers hiding behind the squares.

Play Mega Puzzle

Mega Puzzle
The biggest, baddest puzzle you ever played!

Play Mahjong Challenge

Mahjong Challenge
Mahjong Solitaire Challenge

Puzzle Games

Play Magic Jigsaw

Magic Jigsaw
Pick the picture you want to solve!

Play Magic Factory

Magic Factory
Come solve the mysteries of the Magic Factory

Play Jumpie 2

Jumpie 2
Jumpie is back - better than ever!

Play Jumpie

The original Jumpie game

Puzzle Games

Play Jigsaw Puzzle Paradise

Jigsaw Puzzle Paradise
Solve this puzzle in 20 minutes or less

Play Jigsaw Monkey

Jigsaw Monkey
Put the poor monkey back together.

Play Jigsaw Dog

Jigsaw Dog
Put the jigsaw doggie back together again.

Play Insect Tower Defense

Insect Tower Defense
TD game with hordes of invading insects

Puzzle Games

Play Hungry Shapes

Hungry Shapes
Feed the hungry shapes

Play Gravinaytor

Escape the Gravitory

Play Go Go Gummo

Go Go Gummo
Down in the Dumps

Play Furballs

Play with the fuzzy balls

Puzzle Games

Play Flash Jigsaw

Flash Jigsaw
A really difficult jigsaw puzzle made of beads.

Play Factory Balls 4

Factory Balls 4
Decorate your balls in the factory

Play Factory Balls

Factory Balls
Decorate the balls to meet the spec

Play Electric Box

Electric Box
Connect the electricity

Puzzle Games

Play Cubor

Cool 3d puzzle game

Play Crumbled 2

Crumbled 2
Play life as a crumbled piece of paper

Play Crumbled 1

Crumbled 1
Play as a crumbled piece of paper

Play Connect 4

Connect 4
Get 4 checkers in a row

Puzzle Games

Play Click 'N Slide

Click 'N Slide
Come solve the animal puzzles

Play Chicktionary Online

Chicktionary Online
Egg-citing game

Play Chicken Little Memory Game

Chicken Little Memory Game
Play Chicken Little's memory game

Play Bunch

Collect the colored balls

Puzzle Games

Play Blox Forever

Blox Forever
Solve the blox puzzle

Play Bad Apple

Bad Apple
Just like minesweeper - only with apples

Play Aztec Mind

Aztec Mind
Addicting 3d puzzle game



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