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If you really like to learn while you are playing, this is the place for you to be.

Learn your piano notes with our Musical Notes game. In AlphAttack you have to save the planet from the alpha bombs.

Add Like Mad will have you adding like mad in no time at all.

Multiplication Station and Subtraction Action can improve your math skills dramatically while you have fun.

If you are looking for some great learning games, come and play with us!

Learning Games

Play Add Like Mad

Add Like Mad
Have fun learning addition facts

Play Alpha Assault

Alpha Assault
Protect the Castle from Attack

Play AlphAttack

Save the planet from the alpha bombs

Play Arithmetiles

Discover the secrets of Arithmetiles

Learning Games

Play Da' Numba

Da' Numba
Can you make Da' Numba?

Play Forest Hair Salon

Forest Hair Salon
Style the hair of the birds

Play Jungle Fruit

Jungle Fruit
Clear all the barrels

Play Math Search

Math Search
Find the correct answer to the equation

Learning Games

Play Measure This

Measure This
Come learn the metric system

Play Multiplication Station

Multiplication Station
Learn your multiplication tables

Play Musical Notes

Musical Notes
Learn your piano notes

Play Penguin Diner

Penguin Diner
Serve your customers at the diner

Learning Games

Play Plumber Game

Plumber Game
Learn how to be a plumber

Play Simon Says

Simon Says
Can you do what Simon Says?

Play Subtraction Action

Subtraction Action
Get your subtraction facts down

Play The Sneeze Game

The Sneeze Game
Spread your disease to those around you



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